Duncan's blog - 2009

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December 2009  
28th December Busy old year
21st December Youth of today
14th December On the buses
7th December No stone left unturned
November 2009  
30th November Under a spell
23rd November Visiting time
16th November Do the crime, do the time
9th November A tough decision
2nd November No thanks from the banks
October 2009  
26th October Dangerous dogs, dangerous owners
19th October Service with a smile
12th October Getting old
5th October The ongoing scandal of equal pay
September 2009  
28th September Bottom of the class
21st September Budget jargon
14th September New jobs and old jobs
7th September Notable absentees
August 2009  
31st August Jewel in the crown
24th August Lockerbie shame
17th August Ripped off
10th August Justice for Lockerbie victims
3rd August Bleak future for teachers
July 2009  
27th July Summer fun
20th July Home is where the hurt is
13th July Vigilance
6th July Supporting the troops
June 2009  
29th June It takes all types
22nd June Minister's gaffe
15th June Keeping warm
8th June Working effectively together
1st June Building ships to microchips
May 2009  
25th May Homecare scandal
18th May A step closer
11th May Looking to the future
4th May Safety at work
April 2009  
27th April Families won't pay
20th April 'Yer tea's out!'
13th April Willing to work
6th April

Empty words

March 2009

30th March

A price worth paying

23rd March Legal responsibilities
16th March Justice for asbestos victims


9th March No more 'Brandons'
2nd March Lone voice of influence
February 2009  
23rd February Out and about
16th February

All change

9th February Better budget
2nd February Budget for jobs
January 2009  
26th January Going through the motions
19th January  Streets no place for knives
12th January Bills, bills, bills
5th January Making the most of 2009